Apple is certainly the king of innovation as it’s iPhone started the Smartphone revolution that we are so caught up in nowadays. It’s nearly September and the next iteration of the iPhone is coming soon but there is still a lot “To discover” about the iPhone 6 and here we are with some new information on the A8 Processing SoC the iPhone 6 will come sporting.

Apple iPhone 6’s “Phosphorus” Co-Processor

A Leaked Schematics obtained by GeekBar clearly illustrates that the A8 SoC (System on a chip) will be equipped with a new Co-Processor code-named “Phosphorus”. Now what this “Co-processor” actually does is the the interesting part here, as you may remember Apple announced it’s Health features along with the iOS 8 operating system, the Phosphorus Co-Processor will be responsible for handling operations like collecting and processing new types of health-related data. Additionally stuff like the heart rate, the amount of calories burned, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and more.

The HealthKit App does allow manual entry of data but seeing an all new co-processor Apple might be investing more into Wearables and Sensor based calibrations (Like Samsung S-Health). At this point there are no technical specifications for the Phosphorus Co-Processor but Apple did already introduce such concept with the “M7 Co-Processor” in the A7 SoC of the iPhone 5S which was limited by Software at that point.

In other leaks from GeekBar it was revealed that the iPhone 6 will come with a CAT 4. Qualcomm Modem, 1GB RAM and 128GB Storage options.