Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Grand 2, Mega 5.8, Mega 6.3 & Note 3 Neo Android 4.4.2 Update


The long awaited android 4.4.2 KitKat update will be shortly rolled out to a handful of “Non-Flagship” Galaxy Devices in India. We have obtained a freshly leaked document from our insider at Samsung India that indicates the roll out to happen in the present month of July for Five Galaxy Smartphones listed as Galaxy S4 Mini, Grand 2, Mega 5.8, Mega 6.3 and Note 3 Neo. The update was earlier expected to roll out in the month of June and as a matter of fact it did for few of the above mentioned devices but it hasn’t sadly reached India yet. This isn’t the first time it is happening though as Asian Countries are considered as inferior markets according to the sales and hence delayed software support.

KOT49H Final

As you can see the updates have now been finalized and the Roll out will commence anytime soon, so if you happen to live in India then you might wanna keep your eyes on the Notification Bar, or you can even check for the update manually by going into Settings > More > About Device > Software Updates > Update. You can also try your luck via Samsung Kies if you are not a big fan of OTA (over the air) updates. For the features this Android 4.4.2 KitKat update might bring to your device you can have a look below, we have compiled a general list.

  • White Status Bar Icons
  • Camera Shortcut on Lock-Screen
  • Wireless Printing
  • Album Art on Lock-Screen during Music Playback
  • NFC tap-to-pay support
  • Options to set default messaging and launcher apps
  • Transparent status bar
  • Better stability
  • Improved Ram usage
  • Smoother Interface Overall
  • Samsung Wallet
  • Emoji for Keyboard

The updates should spread out to more regions with progressing weeks, so don’t be disappointed and think about the Galaxy S3 owners who won’t even have a taste of it (Sooner or Later), keeping you in a better position at the end.

  • Zoidian

    Why does GT-I9300 still on the list???If that’s really cancelled then they must removed it..Do they still have plan in developing kitkat for S3 international version????Very frustrating…

    • I think it’s just because they need to clarify it. GT-I9300 isn’t getting official kitkat for sure.

      • samsung informed back in march that only lte (2gb i9305 version) will get kk

        • Yes ! That fact is known. You can check our archives for the Same.

    • KoolKid98189

      They just released Young 2 which only has 512MB RAM with KitKat and they won’t update S3 or S3 mini because they don’t have enough RAM! How does that work? If there’s no update, then this is the last Samsung phone I buy!

      • yawn

        • KoolKid98189


          • Fallays

            He’s mocking you because it’s an old response to every unsupported phones… With Samsung number 1 mobile phone brand status, you will buy another Samsung phone. Trust me. I promised myself, Galaxy S4 Zoom is the last Samsung phone I will have, yet here I am, going to buy Galaxy Grand 2.

  • 9190 june ????? would come in June. samsung but here …

  • Muhamed Mustafa

    What about Note 3 neo N7505 ? (4G)

  • Maky

    What about s4 mini duos i9192

    • Probably July only.

      • Maky

        Thanx for reply bro.. But why s4 mini duos nt present in kot49 update list…

        • It’s usually because of various variants the company offers in a specific region. But you can rest assured that S4 Mini duos will be getting the KitKat update too.

  • Abhisek Banerjee

    The update (as i can see) has been postponed to July 2014 instead of June which was the news. I think in hope of using KK for my Grand 2, I will be old by many years.Fingers Crossed.. 😛

  • Jagdish

    when update comes in mega 5.8 ?? 🙁

    • Should be available by 4th week of July max.

      • G2

        It’s october already and no news about kitkat,, yet…

        • Lol

          No need for KitKat update since I have OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black 😀

  • tejas

    When kitkat update release for Samsung galaxy grand quttro

    • There won’t be an update

  • gaurav

    Kk update not yet available for mega 5.8.
    Can you plz lemme knw from when it will be available.

  • anish shaikh

    Kk is still not yet come for mega 5.8

  • Alex

    And the Samsung S4 Mini Duos, GT-I9192 with the Android 4.2.2?
    Is the GT-I9192 the same as the GT-9190?

  • raj parmar

    Sir ……..kitket version avalable for samsung galaxy grand dous ..
    And realis date???

  • Raj

    Never buy samsung products. My Mega 5.8 is still running the same ROM from last 2 years, no ROM upgrade received. Other competitive companies released Kitkat and now started rolling out Lollipop too. Samsung sucks to the core.

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