HTC M8 : Reality of the competition with the Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung finally launched the fifth iteration of their most popular Galaxy S line, the Galaxy S5 just a couple days ago at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona and now HTC M8 a.k.a “The all new HTC One” is what most of the android enthusiast have their eyes on. The Galaxy S5 was expected to take the specifications part in the android league to a whole new level with features like a 1440p Display, a 64Bit Exynos/Snapdragon 805 and at least 3 Gigs of Ram, but as we all know that did not happen, so its time to reconsider the competition that its about to face in just a month from now (25th March confirmed). HTC has released a new teaser video on YouTube that expresses the improvements in the already excellent “Boom Sound” that the HTC M8 will have and the leaks over the past few months have given away most of the specifications and design the smartphone is about to come with. Now back when the Galaxy S5 was expected to come with the above listed “monstrous specifications” there was very little that the HTC M8 could throw back at it but that’s not the case now is it ? its safe to say that the HTC M8 is back on the horse and it may even win this one.

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Specifications of the HTC M8

  • Display : 5 Inch Super LCD 3 Full HD (1080p)
  • Camera : Dual UltraPixel (Expected 5Mp) & Dual Flash.
  • Processor & Graphics : Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801 Quadcore & Adreno 330 GPU
  • Storage & RAM : 32/64GB In-Built & 2GB Ram
  • Boom Sound Speakers

Samsung has managed to create a very powerful device but the looks and build it offers comes as a disappointment to many, the Galaxy S5 looks somewhere between the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 which isn’t really much of an “innovation” if you ask me, even the new Touchwiz hasn’t changed much and the whole concept has a tint of oldness in it. Sure Samsung has added the Finger print scanner and Heart rate monitor to their new flagship, but that doesn’t make it “the almighty” does it ? so the question is “Why should you go for a Galaxy S5 instead of the HTC M8 ?” Well if you are waiting for an answer there isn’t one here, you might wanna ask yourself as you are going to spend big bucks buying it. HTC One was a brilliant smartphone and even the GSM Association seems to accept it and hence it has been declared as the Smartphone of the year 2013 at the MWC this year and HTC M8 will be superior to the HTC One at all cost, mind it that the competition included smartphones like the Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S, though Galaxy S4 didn’t make it. The only things that the HTC One will not have will be a removable battery and  a MicroSD card slot, which aren’t a deal breaker for most people (Specially an iPhone user), additionally on the other hand HTC’s superior build quality, Stereo Speaker and Less bloated Sense UI  are definitely something to consider. So what do you think ? feel free to make your opinion count in the comments section below.

HTC M8 “The All New HTC One” teaser video from YouTube