HTC M8 : Finally the real thing ?


As you might know that the successor to HTC One, code-named HTC M8 is expected to launch at MWC in Barcelona this month and hence leaks have gained a new intensity. Yesterday the rear panel of the HTC M8 was leaked in an image and showed off its dual flash, Dual-lens Ultra-Pixel camera, though the resolutions the sensors sport is still a mystery. Today there are a couple of leaked images that showcase the HTC M8 front – have a look at the images below.


We all expected HTC to go with similar design from the HTC One for the HTC M8 and we are not complaining at all, at least not about the design, the rest may not sound too well (1080p & Snapdragon 800). There are also on-screen buttons that are “HTC Themed” and there is a speculation that the user can get rid of them with a swipe gesture (pretty handy in my opinion). Other than that the Sense 6 UI looks identical to the Sense 5.5, with the icons just a bit larger (KitKat standard). Is this the real deal ? let us know your views in the comments section below.

Update : The regional director of HTC for the Benelux region, Mark Moons, tweeted that the leaked photos of the HTC M8 (One’s successor) were fakes created in Photoshop. It’s not clear if he’s referring to the ones that show the back or the front, but probably both.