Apple iPhone 6 Plus bending days are over ?


Being an Apple iPhone lover and not knowing about the recent “Bending Issues” of the iPhone 6 Plus is just impossible, thanks to all that Publicity it got from Android lovers. Well the good news is that the days of the iPhone 6 Plus bending might be over finally, however at this point it’s not an official acknowledgement. A Reddit user doctorkuddles has posted, what has turned to be an interesting topic of discussion among the smartphone enthusiast’s. Doctorkuddels had initially bought an iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) back in September, and again there was a purchase that took place recently (128GB), but something changed between the two models, the recent one is stronger and has several other changes to it that might indicate a fix on the bending problems.


After investigating with a microscope, as well as a stethoscope, doctorkuddles noticed that the older unit was “completely softer and smoother“, and that, while tapped, it sounded differently than the newer device. Apple might have secretly fixed the issue by reinforcing the chassis in order to withstand bends (or to make it more difficult to bend), but doctorkuddles noticed “a red colored object placed in the volume down button crank (opening)” on the new 128GB iPhone 6 plus (seen @ 60x, with an led light) which is not the case in the older 16GB iPhone 6 Plus. The newer iPhone is also 21gm heavier but that can certainly indicate the increased storage size. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic and feel free to use the comments section.


  • JackyD

    Nice…. Finally Apple did it. 😀