Apple iPhone 6 : Leaked images show a larger display


When it comes to an iPhone they have never been as prone to leaks as most Android devices are but a bunch of leaked images from yesterday show an unnamed Apple device, most likely to be the iPhone 6. The images aren’t high resolution or even clear enough but they do meet the expectations of a curious reader, have a look at them below (The images are reportedly captured in a Foxconn facility)


As you can see the device looks identical to a traditional Apple iPhone but this time around the thickness seems to have gone way down from the iPhone 5/5S which are already pretty thin. However the major focus remains of the size of the device which indicates a larger display (Oh !! Finally ), while the metal construction remains as it always has been ( Classy, is the word ). Also make a note that Apple is likely to release two iPhone variants this year, one with a 4.7 Inch Display and the other being a Phablet at 5.7 Inches.

Note : The chances of these images to be incorrect or totally fake are positive so don’t believe this is the iPhone 6 just yet. There is also a possibility of this being a “Chinese Copy” of the iPhone 6 Model that will surely debut sometime this year.