Apple iPhone 4 Indian Relaunch may come for a “Higher price than expected”


We reported earlier that Apple is planning to relaunch the iPhone 4 8GB model in India and it will come with a revised price tag of Rs 15000, but sadly it seems that it might turn out to be a whole different story instead. The iPhone 4 had achieved some great sales figures here in India according to Apple and hence this move was planned, the relaunch will surely take place but the price is supposed to be Rs 22,900 now, which is just 4000 less than the earlier Rs 26,900 when it was still on sale. This news is sourced from BGR India as learnt from sources at Apple’s distributor partners.

iphone 4

There is also a speculation that Apple’s distributors are giving a scheme to retailers where it will give 10 free iPhone 4 8GB for every 100 units they buy and this could give more margin for retailers to lower the price of the iPhone 4 8GB to around Rs 20,000 (not Rs 15000 still). Funny said by BGR India

“Apple would never dilute its brand value and one should not have expected even an old model like the iPhone 4 8GB at Rs 15,000”

Well there might be some EMI offers on the iPhone 4 and Buy backs could also fuel the sales, but to be honest here – buying an iPhone 4 for 22,900 is a silly thing to do when you can get a Galaxy S III paying just Rs 600 more, Also there are some really good new launches for the same price tag in the Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia range from Nokia (Lumia 1320).