Android 4.4 KitKat coming to Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 & Grand 2 Duos


The android 4.4 KitKat update seems to be a very big deal for most android users out there and today there is a new leak that will make all the Galaxy S3, Note 2 and the newly launched Galaxy Grand 2 Duos customers more than happy. A leaked document obtained from Samsung’s Indian subsidy through an “Unnamed Insider” clearly indicates the five devices that Samsung plans to update to Android 4.4 by the time summer comes, out of these the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are already on track.


Samsung plans to update the Galaxy S3, Note 2 and Grand 2 Duos to android 4.4 starting next month which can be understood considering that the Galaxy S5 will go on sale first. The update may not be coming early but I think most of the owners of this Galaxy Trio will be happy to know that it eventually would. The Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) was rumored to be dropped off from the Kitkat update list and since then it has been a long wait for some “good news”, the android 4.3 update created numerous problems for the Galaxy S3 owners and its about time that Samsung starts correcting their mistakes.

Features of the Android 4.4.2 update for Samsung Galaxy Devices

  • Album art are displayed on Lock Screen while playing Music.
  • Camera shortcut is displayed on lock screen.
  • Upgraded Emoji icon in Keyboard.
  • Location service are integrated and more detailed by new Location menu.
  • Default SMS app & launcher can be assigned via Settings.
  • White Icons in the Notification Bar.
  • Wireless mobile printing options via Samsung +HP printers.
  • Performance Tweaks.
  • Android 4.4 Google Apps support (Google Drive & Google Photos).

Stay tuned for more update and feel free to drop your views in the comments section below.

UPDATE : On further inquiry about the leaked document having the Galaxy Note 2 listed as SM-N7100 (Instead of GT-N7100) the insider clarifies that the mistake in the logs was the reason for this document to be discarded and hence obtained. This could be possible as such documents are usually kept very confidential and are only leaked by mistakes or intentions in most cases, lets wait and watch what happens now.

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  • Megha

    So finally some “good news” 😀

  • Piotr Szewczyk

    Similar picture of “leaked document” was shown on November 2013. Maybe it’s true.

  • Ehab Khatab

    please galaxy core dous i8262

  • Yashasvi Rohilla

    Thanks Bro

  • Super news. Certainly helpful

  • kamal

    And s4 mini.?

    • Not likely.

      • I am from india still not getting 4.3 plzz hlp

        • See the post on “How to update galaxy s3 to android 4.3” Use Indian firmware.

          • my device is Samsung galaxy note2 and my baseband version is n7100dddlk6

  • Good news…..after a long period. ….

  • Android 4.4 is available for note3 neo

    • That’s a good news. What region is it ?

  • Dinesh Kumar K

    I am the Grand 2 user from India,when the kit kat update available for Grand 2 Duos. please help me out here

    • Android 4.4 is already available for the note 2 so grand 2 might get it anytime next month.

  • Mayank

    When we will get update for grand duos.?

    • I don’t think it will be updated to kitkat.

  • vijay partap

    please tell me s4 mini i912 get android 4.4 update in india??????

  • Nikhil

    Thanks for your updates…. Samsung Team 😉

  • carmelo

    Ma il giorno che aggiornano slll quando si sa

  • Deepak Gulati

    when kit kat version updated in samsung galaxy grand 2
    please confirmed me

    • Should arrive this month.

  • Aditya

    hi ! I am not able to update my Note 2 GT 7100 . Message showing ” Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available. ” kindly help

    • You may have rooted your phone. See our guide on manually updating Note 2 to android 4.4

  • armaan

    will grand 2 get 4.4 kitkat update ? because i wana buy it only if it’s going to kitkat .. reply… is it official ?

  • nirav patel

    when kit kat version updated in samsung galaxy grand 2
    please confirmed me

  • Sai

    Everyone….Does samsung grand 2 works Android kitkat ?????

    • Yes it can.

      • Sai

        i pay android kitkat at samsung service ahhhh ????

        • They won’t take money for an update if your phone is in warranty. Else a small charge about 3.5$.

          • Sai

            Fine i understand that 🙂 Top 1 ranking samsung galaxy or something ????

          • Sai

            Then i won’t buy Samsung grand 2 android 4.2. Till i will be buy samsung grand 2 android 4.2 how to change android kitkat ?

          • Sir you can not buy updates. The company has to make it for your device and release it.

          • Sai

            very well……Thanks for the information about that

  • when we upgrade iwhen we upgrade is performed?, because we are at 30 Junes performed?, because we are at 30 June

  • sam

    grand2 not getting kitkat yet?? any ideas?

    • It has been delayed to this month. See our latest article on it.

  • vivek

    4.4.4 kitkat for note 2 is available in India or not.

  • sundarasan

    will galaxy grand neo GT-I9060 (INDIA) get android 4.4 kitkat and if so when will it be available?