Air View, Air Gesture and Pen Recognition features to get better with Galaxy S5 & Note 4.


Touchwiz features like the Air View, Air Gesture and Pen Recognition aren’t really that useful at this point, majorly due to their somewhat inferior performance but it seems that this will finally change with the upcoming flagships from the Koreans. Synaptics is the producer of touch screen panels used by Samsung and it supposedly has a new solution implemented according to which the new panels in the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will benefit users with significant performance boost for “Touch Related Features”.

galaxy-s4-air-viewFor all those who wanna go into the technical part – The new screens have an increased range for the hover function so users will not have to get their fingers or stylus so close to the screen to activate Air Gesture or Air View features. If the S-Pen is being used, the new panel will be able to recognize a smaller point of only 2.5pi, meaning more detailed writing will be possible. Synaptics also indicated they have lowered the manufacturing cost for the panels, achieved by eliminating an insulation layer and bridge, printing the units on a single layer structure now.