About Us

It’s not the time when cell phones were just any gadget, they have become an important part of our lives and we at JustAboutPhones try to provide our visitors with all they need at one place. Our parameters are wide enough, may it be Android, iOS or Windows Phone you can find it all here without having to face any discrimination, we believe that all platforms are unique in their own way and so are you.

– JustAboutPhones Team


Our Categories

  • Android – Everything and anything related to Android you can find it here, it’s like having a complete website dedicated to Android.
  • iPhone – Not an Android fan ? No worries we take care of all your iPhone needs too, find all you need in this dedicated category.
  • Windows Phone – So it seems you are the one to break the barriers and go with something new, something fresh ! Well don’t worry we have an ample amount of space dedicated just for you needs.
  • Tablets & iPads – Well if you are searching for you Laptop adjacent gadget, this just might be it.
  • Updates –  Keep track of all the latest updates for Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Applications.
  • Applications – Well a Smartphone isn’t that smart without it’s Applications, so here you can find all the trending app’s for you Smartphone/Tablets.
  • How To’s – This is the place for all those who are looking for a little help in doing something, don’t worry we are here for you.
  • Tips –Tips on things going around, Bugs that may be troubling you or even things that are just too strange for a Smartphone/Tablet.
  • Reviews – Smartphones, Applications & Wearable’s Reviews.